Happy birthday Belgium!

Not only is Belgium celebrating its Independence Day today, but it’s also celebrating the arrival of a new king. Earlier this month, Albert II announced that he was going to abdicate and let his son Philippe take over. Today, Philippe de Belgique became the seventh king of Belgium. The photos below illustrate the moments before and after the ceremony in front of the parliament. You’ll also see a photo of RTBF journalist Laurent Henrard. On a lighter note, you’ll discover or re-discover a Belgian gem who doesn’t miss a chance to sport its best outfit. Miss Chiwa is a dog star who, according to its owners, has a fully equipped bedroom all to herself.

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday Belgium!

  1. Bonjour. Je découvre votre site et ma photo, que vous avez prise le 21 juillet lors de la Fête nationale. Un beau souvenir! Merci! Bonne continuation. Laurent Henrard, journaliste RTBF

    1. Désolée de ne pas avoir demandé votre permission. J’ai pensé que quelqu’un qui passe à la télé tous les jours ou presque n’aurait effectivement pas de souci à voir sa photo sur le net. Haha! Beau, chaud et quel monde! Merci d’être passé sur mon blog!

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